L'influenceure Élisabeth Rioux pose complètement nue sur Instagram au grand plaisir de ses fans

Elle n'a pas froid aux yeux

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La vedette du Web et femme d'affaires Élisabeth Rioux a fait grandement plaisir à ses fans, jeudi, en publiant une magnifique photo où elle pose complètement nue, sur une plage du Portugal. La jeune femme, qui compte plus d' 1 800 000 abonnés sur Instagram et qui est notamment la propriétaire de la marque de maillots de bain Hoaka Swimwear, a publié cette photo en réaction à plusieurs messages négatifs qu'elle avait reçus, après avoir critiqué les personnes qui publiaient uniquement des photos d'elles nues, sur Instagram.

Voici la fameuse photo en question:

Et voici le très long message (en anglais), qu'elle a publié pour accompagner sa photo:

« Me : “I love naked photos, I’ve posted some and I’ll keep posting it and if you wanna post it with short caption : IT IS 100% OK” 
People on ig answer : “you’re such an hypocrite cause you also post naked photos so stop hating on girls who post naked photos” 
Me : *this photo* 
Like common, you’re not even trying to understand my caption before hating ??‍♀️ I really wanted to re formulate my last caption so you have a better understanding and I just reread it and I’m like : yea my english is not the best but that’s super clear. I guess it’s just very difficult to understand when you’re not in the industry which is the reason why I’m explaining it to you, so try better. Girls posting these types of photos is nothing bad, we are all expressing ourselves a certain way. Personally, I do it sometimes because it makes me feel powerful, I know my type of followers might hate on it and not get it so it makes me feel like I’m not posting only for them but also for myself and nobody can hurt my feelings cause I have control on posting it knowing people are gonna hate (opposite example would be: if I post my dogs and I don’t expect anyone to hate on them cause I think everyone will love them as much as I do and finally people hate on them, that would make me so sad) 
What I am saying is that : being naked on instagram is currently a trend (which is ok) BUT some of us (including myself) keep following the trends our way, instagram is also our job. Some girls will start posting ONLY naked hoping to gain followers AND use feminist captions they don’t even understand. And I’m not talking about anyone particularly, we are the only ones knowing if we do it for the good reasons or not. The thing is that all this battle for feminism is loosing its sense when we don’t post our body to feel free but only for likes cause this is supposed to be about “i do what I want as a women” but for some girls it is a “i do what people want on IG” and write a feminist caption cause this is also trendy which is the opposite movement of why this movement exists. There is also a second part of my caption about the consumer, I’ll explain in my next caption❤️ love xx »

Et voici d'autres photos publiées sur le compte Instagram d'Élisabeth Rioux:

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